Price Guide

The prices of walling, stone repair and repointing depend upon the cost of labour, transport and materials. Most field wall repairs are done using stone already on site, but time is spent collecting it. It normally costs 40-50 per square metre. Garden walls and features normally need stone to be bought and delivered to the site, which means the cost is 100-120 per square metre.

Stone repair is normally carried out with repointing around the repaired stone. If scaffolding is needed for large jobs, this can cost from 1000-1500 for 4 weeks, and 50 for each extra week. The cost covers erection, insurance and dismantling of the scaffold. Lime mortar repointing costs around 50 per square metre for labour and materials. This does not include travel costs and scaffold hire. Normally, I can repoint 2.5 square metres per day.

For example, the side of most two storey pre-1914 houses is 80 square metres, and uses nearly one tonne of lime mortar. Such a job may cost 400 for materials, 4000 for labour, which includes the final week of curing, and 1700 for 8 weeks scaffold hire. The total then will be 6100, not including travel.

This garden retaining wall and steps cost 225 for 2 days labour and travel costs. The client had dismantled the older wall and asked me to reuse the stone and build the steps in it.

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